All you should know before the production.


Your task is to decorate the product according to your idea. This includes any graphic elements, embroidery, labels, colours of the fabric and trims, swing ticket. All that has to be prepared and arranged with the suppliers (we can provide you with some contact details). If your collection, cut and fabrics are ready, we will prepare a template for the final size and make a model according to the template. At this stage, we make all necessary corrections. Once the prototype is approved, we carry out the size grading, i.e. add the sizes that you need. The final stage is to set the order performance date according to the quantities defined (including the minimum quantities).
The dates are determined on an individual basis and they depend on the order size and complexity, the delivery dates for other customers and whether you have all the necessary additions (graphic designs for screen printing, tags, swing tickets, etc.). We are not magicians, of course, but we do our best to satisfy all our customers.
The prices depend on the product complexity, manufacturing time and the material selected. The prices are not as low as those you can find in Turkey but they are still not steep.
We guarantee good quality. According to what we have learned from our customers, it can be different in other countries. Another thing is timeliness – short delivery time, easy contact, there are always some products in our portfolio which can be offered in time acceptable for our customers. No commodity, no trade – so it does matter.
We have been present in the market for 30 years and we know it inside out. We maintain good relationships with our suppliers. Experience is not only the technical knowledge of the industry but also the contacts established. This brings a lot of advantages for the customers. Our company puts on collaboration. If you use our services, you are our partner.
Minimum order size is the number of products manufactured from one bale. An approximate number is about 100 pieces of T-shirts in one colour, about 25 sweatshirts in one colour, about 25 pairs of trousers in one colour.
Of course, it is possible with our proven suppliers. We have particularly good relationships with screen printing providers as it is the area where logistics matters. Our suppliers know they have to deliver quality products and respect the time limits. In most cases, we select the suppliers so as to ensure both quality and logistics.
Order is a graphic specification of a product, i.e. it is a product description with the indication of the material to be used, trims to be applied and the location of the trims. The order must specify the approximate quantities for each of the sizes ordered or size proportions to be cut from a single bale.
We have concluded a contract with a courier company based on which the products are delivered to you one day after they are manufactured. We prefer regular shipments with large-size orders. We ship the products on the particular day along with a shipment document indicating the product size, dimensions and quantities.